Installing A Propane Tank Allows You To Keep Your Gas Appliances When You Move To The Country

If you've moved to the country and miss not having natural gas for things like cooking, heating your water, or operating a fireplace, then you should look into getting a propane tank. You can have a tank put in and gas lines connected to all of your appliances so it's nearly the same as having a natural gas line. Plus, you can have regular propane delivery service so you never have to run out of gas. [Read More]

LED Troffer Lighting Can Improve Your Medical Clinic

As the owner of a healthcare clinic, you made a commitment to serve and protect your patients. While you undoubtedly honor this oath when you hire healthcare staff, buy equipment, and discuss policy updates, you should also consider this commitment when it comes to your lighting options. All lighting options are not rated the same, and certain lighting options can even help you improve the level of care you are able to provide. [Read More]

Manual Vs. Automatic Electrical Transfer Switch

Your business relies heavily on technology and electricity to function, which is why a blackout or even a minor loss of power can be devastating to your bottom line. With an electrical transfer switch, you can move from one source of power to a backup source, such as a generator to supply power to your business. This means that your business doesn't suffer while you struggle to get the lights turned back on. [Read More]

The Steady Progression Of Solar Energy And Technology

Solar panels. You have probably seen them on rooftops, over parking stalls or in fields of open desert. But did you know that contemporary solar technology is nearly two-hundred years in the making? When Albert Einstein first published his revolutionary paper on photo-electricity, solar cells were not very effective. It cost around $250.00 to produce one watt of energy. Today, consumers spend as little as $2.87 per watt to install private solar panels. [Read More]