Why Would You Use Smaller UFO High Bay Lights Instead Of Linear Lights?

Larger bulbs should produce more light than smaller bulbs, right? Yes, the smaller bulb can give off more lumens and be technically brighter than the larger bulb, but if the lumens are approximately equal for both bulbs, the size must make a difference – but that's not always the best way to light your facility.

When you use high bay lights, especially with LED bulbs, you can get a lot of light out of the smaller UFO lights (they're round, so they're nicknamed UFOs) and place them in ways that help the facility look a lot better than if you used the longer linear lights. The UFO lights can produce light for both industrial and more compartmentalized purposes, and you can emphasize certain areas of the workspace a lot more easily than you could with linear lights.

Much Easier to Change if You Have to Be up That High

These UFO lights are smaller and much easier to deal with if changing a bulb. You don't have to worry about one end of the light's glass shield dropping; it's just one circular shield, and a smaller one at that. And, these are much easier to take down when needed, with little light lost in the rest of the room. It's kind of like changing a round kitchen light versus a longer bar-style fluorescent light. The bar-style lights are clumsy to handle and can hit the wall or floor if you're not careful, but the round light is easily managed by one person.

Proper Spacing Can Create a Soft Spotlight Effect

The lower you place the light, the more of a spotlight effect it will have on whatever is below it. However, the edge around the spot of light below the lamp is diffuse and not harsh. A higher placement lets the light from the lamp spread out more, merging with the light from other lamps placed in the room. When you do place the light up very high, the round shape of the light and glass shield send out light evenly around the fixture. This is excellent when you need to see everything around you and not have anything shrouded in shadow.

Sometimes a combination of UFO and linear high bay lights is best, while other facilities benefit from using one type exclusively. Regardless of shape, be sure to use LED bulbs as those last the longest and are available in several different temperatures that give off distinct hues. If you are looking for LED high bay lights, visit a shop near you.