Propane Tank Delivery Is The Most Convenient Way To Keep Your Propane Needs Supplied

If you use propane tanks to power your grill, outdoor heaters, or other gas-powered equipment, you may hate the bother of switching out tanks all the time, especially if an empty tank takes you by surprise when you're ready to start grilling. A good way to make sure you always have the propane you need is to use a propane tank delivery service. Here are some features to compare among propane tank delivery companies in your area.

Price Per Tank

If you've been switching out your own tanks, you're familiar with the cost of a small tank exchange. A tank exchange with a propane tank delivery service should have a comparable cost. However, you might have to pay for delivery, and same-day delivery could be more. In addition to paying for switching out an empty tank with a full one, compare prices for buying a tank with and without propane in case you want extra tanks.

Delivery Options

You may find a delivery service in your area that delivers propane tanks on the same day, but many companies require a lead time. You might schedule the delivery for the next day, or you might have to schedule it for the next week. Companies vary, so know the delivery routine so you can order in plenty of time to have propane for the weekend.

Swapping Options

You'll also want to know if the company will switch out other brands of tanks. They may or may not depending on the type of tank you have. If they can't accept your tank as an exchange, the company may not leave your full tank and cancel your order. Be sure the tank is in good condition with no damage or the company may not accept it as a swap.


You'll want a propane tank delivery service that's simple to use. You should be able to order your tank on their website, schedule the delivery time, specify where you want the tank left, and pay for your order online. You shouldn't need to be at home, but you'll need to take your old tank off and leave it in the designated spot. The delivery person will pick up the old tank and leave the new one where you specify. The delivery company probably won't hook up the tank for you though.

Having your propane tanks delivered is a convenient way to keep stocked in propane. You won't have to bother with filling the tanks or swapping them at the store. As long as you remember to get your order in on time, you'll have propane whenever you need it for outdoor fun.