UFO And Linear High Bay Lights: Which You Choose Depends On More Than Looks

Converting your fluorescent lighting to LED lighting is a great move; you save money on electricity and don't have to deal with the mercury disposal issues that fluorescents can present. You also get a chance to change the lighting fixture so that the light you get is also better for the area it is illuminating. For high bay lighting, two common styles are linear, which is rectangular, and "UFO," which is a round fixture that resembles one of those disc-like crafts in science fiction movies from the 1950s. [Read More]

The Solar Electric System Guide To Grid-Tied Installations And Selling Energy

There are many solar energy options for your home, but only grid-tied systems will allow you to sell electricity back to the grid. Therefore, you want to have a grid-tied system installed of you are planning on selling your energy back to the utility companies. There are several options for the design and installation of the solar electric system for your home. The following guide will help with installing a solar panel system to sell your energy back to the grid: [Read More]