3 Great Reasons To Add A Solar Battery To Your Home, Even If You're Connected To The Grid

Solar batteries are typically associated with homes that are completely off the grid. They allow homeowners to continue to use their appliances even on days where the sky was too cloudy to generate much electricity. However, they also have a number of uses even for homes that are connected to the grid—they can help you move further away from grid power and reduce your energy bills. Why would a homeowner whose home is connected to the local electrical grid want to install a solar battery? [Read More]

Installing A Propane Tank Allows You To Keep Your Gas Appliances When You Move To The Country

If you've moved to the country and miss not having natural gas for things like cooking, heating your water, or operating a fireplace, then you should look into getting a propane tank. You can have a tank put in and gas lines connected to all of your appliances so it's nearly the same as having a natural gas line. Plus, you can have regular propane delivery service so you never have to run out of gas. [Read More]