Installing A Propane Tank Allows You To Keep Your Gas Appliances When You Move To The Country

If you've moved to the country and miss not having natural gas for things like cooking, heating your water, or operating a fireplace, then you should look into getting a propane tank. You can have a tank put in and gas lines connected to all of your appliances so it's nearly the same as having a natural gas line. Plus, you can have regular propane delivery service so you never have to run out of gas. Here's a look at getting a propane tank on your property and how to make sure it is filled on time.

How A Propane Tank Is Installed

The first step is to figure out what size tank you need. The propane supplier can help you determine this based on the number of appliances you want to connect to propane. Another consideration is your climate since you'll need a larger tank if you use propane for heating. Once the size of the tank is determined, then you'll need to find the best location for it while following local codes that might apply. If you install the tank above ground, a concrete pad is necessary for the tank to rest on. You can also have the tank installed under the ground so it isn't an eyesore, but you won't be able to use the land above the tank for anything other than growing grass.

When the tank is set up, gas lines are placed in the ground that go to your house and branch out to your appliances. The process of installing a propane tank will probably require a permit and inspection.

How To Keep A Propane Tank Filled

You can check your tank periodically to see how full it is and to call for service when you need it. However, a more convenient option is to have your tank filled on a regular schedule. The schedule depends on how you use propane in your home. If you only use it for cooking, then you may only need to have the tank filled once a year which you might combine with an annual inspection and maintenance. If you have several appliances connected to propane as well as your heating system, then your need for propane will fluctuate. Your propane company can still estimate how often you'll need to have the tank filled taking into account the severity of the winter months and fill your tank before it gets too low.

By setting up a schedule for propane delivery, you never have to worry about running out of gas and you can operate your appliances just like you did when you lived in the city and had a natural gas line available. Contact a company, like Northwest Propane LLC, to get started.