Manual Vs. Automatic Electrical Transfer Switch

Your business relies heavily on technology and electricity to function, which is why a blackout or even a minor loss of power can be devastating to your bottom line. With an electrical transfer switch, you can move from one source of power to a backup source, such as a generator to supply power to your business. This means that your business doesn't suffer while you struggle to get the lights turned back on. [Read More]

The Steady Progression Of Solar Energy And Technology

Solar panels. You have probably seen them on rooftops, over parking stalls or in fields of open desert. But did you know that contemporary solar technology is nearly two-hundred years in the making? When Albert Einstein first published his revolutionary paper on photo-electricity, solar cells were not very effective. It cost around $250.00 to produce one watt of energy. Today, consumers spend as little as $2.87 per watt to install private solar panels. [Read More]

Enhancing Your Home While Protecting The Environment - Options For Clean Energy On A Smaller Scale

As concerns over environmental consciousness continue to grow, it's natural to have a desire to pitch in wherever you can. Many people may feel as though they're helpless to change the path of the broader economy, but it's important to understand there are steps you can take even in your own home to promote clean energy usage and environmental protection. Below, you'll find a guide to some of those steps and some suggestions for using more clean energy in your day to day life. [Read More]

A Few Good Reasons To Buy A Portable Solar Generator

If you enjoy activities outside, whether at home in the yard, or out in nature somewhere, you may find having a way to get power would make things a bit easier on you. In your own yard you can have a power line and pole installed to get electricity where you need it, but that can be costly. Luckily, there is a way you can have power where you need it by using a portable solar generator. [Read More]