A Few Good Reasons To Buy A Portable Solar Generator

If you enjoy activities outside, whether at home in the yard, or out in nature somewhere, you may find having a way to get power would make things a bit easier on you. In your own yard you can have a power line and pole installed to get electricity where you need it, but that can be costly. Luckily, there is a way you can have power where you need it by using a portable solar generator. Here are just a few ways this could be very handy for your family.

Yard Usage

Imagine if you did not have to pay to run the pump for your pool. A portable solar generator can provide the energy needed to run the pump in an average-sized above ground swimming pool. You may even be able to add a few solar panels to the configuration and run the pump for an inground pool. Of course, it would be best to also have the pump connected to your normal energy source for times when there is not enough sunlight to keep the generator powered. Items like fountains and outdoor lighting can also receive their electricity from solar power. Imagine not having to run a whole new power line and put in a pole to run the filter and pump for your fountain or fish pond.


If your family likes to take day-long hikes, you may take a few breaks. During these breaks, you may want to cook something to eat or recharge a cell phone in case of emergencies. A small, portable solar generator can easily handle these tasks. The important thing will be to remember to put the system outside the day before to soak up the sunlight and get the batteries charged and ready to go.


While it is simple enough to go to a camping place that provides electrical hookups, you may prefer to go out in the woods to get away from it all. Using solar power will enable you to have power to keep a light on, cook and charge cell phones. Sure, you can build a fire for light and cooking, but if it is raining and you are stuck in a tent that can be difficult. Using solar power is not going to cost you anything, and is not going to put a burden on the environment.

Even if you already have the electric outlets where you need them outside, using solar power will lower your electric bill. It is also a great way to reduce your home's carbon footprint. Solar power will not cause any pollution in its production and is completely safe for the environment.

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